Practice the Simple Present and Present Continuous here.

February 1st

Dear Eneko,
How are you? I'm in the park with Julio and Rander. Julio is watching TV and Rander is playing football.
I'm writing this letter with my new blue pen. What are you doing today, Eneko? 
Write soon.
Hi, my name’s Asier. I am twelve years old. I can play football and I can play basketball, but I can’t swim. My friends are Julio and Enci. Julio can play basketball very well and he can play football too. Enci can’t play football but he can swim. They’re great.

Asier Urrutia
My name’s Fabiana. I’m thirteen years old. I can play football but I can’t play basketball. My friends are Estefanhia and Celeste. Estefanhia can play basketball and can jump high. She’s fantastic. Celeste can dance but she can’t run fast. She’s cool.

Fabiana Fajardo
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